Mark Dunec for Congress Press Campaign Kickoff Announcement

Why Mark Dunec? Leadership. Action. Results.

Public approval of Congress is at an all-time low. That reflects – first and foremost – a failure of leadership: According to a recent Gallup Poll, 81% of Americans say the current Congress lacks leaders. With family, friends and neighbors still struggling in an economy that should be doing better, Congress has put this country through one contrived crisis after another. They have undermined our economic stability and caused our debt rating to be downgraded.

Leadership means focusing on our number one priority: the economy and getting people back to work.

That’s why Mark Dunec will work across the aisle to solve problems and embrace good ideas without regard to rigid ideology or party affiliation. And you will know where Mark stands. In fact, you can go to Mark’s website today to read his detailed positions on over 20 issues facing our country. But it’s not enough to take a position. As a Congressman, Mark will make things happen. How? By doing what he does every day as a professional problem solver for a global management consulting company.

Action will come from hard work, getting to the bottom of issues – and pushing for real change.

Mark’s approach is above all practical. To make change happen, you don’t need rhetoric, you need a process: identify the core issue and its respective components and tackle those components in reasonable steps to deliver tangible and measurable results. That’s how it’s done in the business world, where deficits are unacceptable and fiscal cliffs are unthinkable.

The end product: Results.

Our country is great, but we are not without problems. And while many of our problems are difficult, they are not unsolvable. We can and should expect our elected officials to use the many powers at their disposal to deliver results - that’s what they get paid to do. And after 20 years of the same Representative in the 11th District of New Jersey, and the same old gridlock, it’s time for someone new.

November 17, 2013 at 3pm - 4pm
Sheraton Hotel
199 Smith Rd
Parsippany, NJ 07054
United States
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