Dear Friend,

Leadership. Action. Results. My entire campaign is based on these three simple words. The current Congress lacks the leadership and courage to take bold action and reasonable steps to deliver results. Why? Both parties have been hijacked by special interest groups. Many of our elected representatives are polarizing figures who focus their time trying to score political points and supporting ideologies that the average American does not support. The result is inaction from a “do nothing congress.”

We all know family, friends and neighbors who are struggling in today’s economy. Instead of focusing on jobs, jobs, jobs, Congress is focusing on issues that pertain to special interest groups which financially support their respective campaigns. Our number one priority must be getting people back to work. For me, that’s what this election is about.

 I am running for Congress based on the following three principles: 

  1. I will work across the aisle to tackle and solve the problems that face our district and country;
  2. I will embrace good ideas without regard to rigid ideology or strict party affiliation;
  3. I will be honest and transparent. You will always know where I stand on any given issue.

I have built my career as a management consultant, solving complex business problems and I will apply this same skill set in Congress. Through leadership, action and results, together we will change Washington.

I am truly looking forward to the race ahead and serving as your elected Representative.

Yours truly,

Mark Dunec

Endorse Mark

  • “Mark has the expertise to find real solutions to the real problems that this country faces.”

    Eve Pasternak,
    Livingston, NJ
  • “Mark and I share the same ideals. Mark is a leader who knows how to bring parties together. Mark can solve the big problems and help restore good paying jobs and fiscal responsibility. Mark knows that a strong country must be a socially considerate country. That is why I stand with Mark.”

    G.R. Homa
    Livingston, NJ
  • “Mark is the right person to help move the country in the right direction.”

    Mike Safris
    West Orange, NJ
  • “I know when Mark is elected he will work tirelessly for the 11th district. This is why I support his candidacy.”

    Jacob Lefkowitz
    Livingston, NJ
  • “ Mark is a charismatic speaker. I think he will be a dedicated public servant. ”

    Howard T. Longman
    Livingston, NJ
  • “ We need Mark in Congress for us! ”

    Merle Kalishman
    Livingston, NJ
  • “ Mark Dunec is exactly the kind of smart, compassionate, fiscally responsible person we need Congress. I know Mark, he has great ideas, and he will work tirelessly to make government work better for middle-class families like mine. ”

    Danny Klein
    NY, NY
  • “ Mark is not an idiologue. What you see is what you get. Knowing mark for at least 8 years, I have gotten to know how he thinks and what he can do to break the log jam in congress. I am proud to be his friend and supporter ”

    Sandy Schonberger
    Livingston, NJ
  • “ I know Mark to be hard working, committed, smart and sincere. I also know that he pays attention to details, yet focuses on the big picture without regard to his personal interests. I believe Mark will make a proactive, assertive and effective Congress member and endorse his candidacy to be the first newly elected representative from the 11th Congressional district in twenty years. ”

    Douglas Zucker
    Livingston, NJ
  • “ I have known Mark for the past eight years and know he gets it on the most important issues. While I voted for Rodney Freylingheusen in the last election, I know Mark is a cut above, understands the concerns or our district, and will work harder than anyone for us. Join me in supporting Mark Dunec!!! ”

    Ariel Nelson
    Livingston, NJ
  • “ Mark’s ability to provide a fresh perspective is refreshing after 20 years of Mr. Frelinghuysen’s care taker representation in the House. The 11th district deserves more than an impressive last name and the man to finally give us the honest answers we yearn for and the representation we deserve is Mark Dunec. ”

    Moshe Pasternak
    Livingston, NJ
  • “ Mark is a great businessman and problem-solver. It has been a pleasure working with Mark both personally and professionally. I am confident he will make a difference when he gets to Washington. Mark has great ideas, an endless amount of energy, and a vested interest in continuing to make our country great. Please come out and support Mark in November 2014! ”

    Jeffrey Goldman
    NY, NY

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Last Friday I was honored to be able to join Sussex County Clerk Jeff Parrott and Sussex County Democratic Chairman Mike Busche for the June 3rd primary election ballot draw. The box they use to pull the names out of is quite a relic. It must be over 50 years old!
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Now that you've paid your taxes, check this out to see what Rodney Frelinghuysen & Paul Ryan's Republican Budget would mean for New Jersey